What Pancake Mix Has To Do With Story Planning

I was making pancakes this morning and tasting the sinfully sweet goodness of pancake batter. Then I started thinking. When you don't add enough of a certain or too much of a certain ingredient into pancakes, the pancakes tend not to taste so good, and you don't enjoy it so much. Just like another thing... Stories! There are so many stories out there with not enough of a certain ingredient. Or multiple. Some common things that are lacking in certain stories are good tension, an engaging plot line, relatable characters, unoriginal plot-lines and I'm sure you can name a few more.
So, just like with pancake batter, after realising that it doesn't taste (or read 😉) so well, you go over it and rectify your mistakes. Sometimes it's so bad you have to scrap it entirely, like that one time I used baking soda in my batter instead of baking powder 😂, and you start again. Other times it just needs some tweaking and soon you can properly enjoy a story/pancake that's bee…

Why I wish death on love triangles and a lot of love subplots.


Alright, intro over, time to get into this thing. I'm two days late but please forgive me. It's hard figuring out what I want to say. Today I'm here to talk about...

Unnecessary Love Interests
I'm not even going to explain the title. Everyone and their mother knows what I'm talking about here. Those cardboard characters introduced only for some conflicting love crap. And the love triangles with two guys and one girl where she jUsT cAn'T decide for the love of frick. To the frustrated readers it's pretty simple. Get their money (in whatever way possible) then abscond it out of there (take their food too).

But authors seem to have an addiction to writing these characters that just annoy everyone. So a simple solution is just to not write the character in. Not only does is it a hindrance to the main story and distracts from it, but it also can turn people (well, me anyway) off of the book. Just sitting through 455 pages of soap opera rubbish makes my brain …

An Explanation

Hey guys, so in case you haven't noticed (I know you have), I haven't been active on my blog in about a month and a half. This is due to a series of family complications which I don't have the strength to explain right now.

So will there be any more posts? There most certainly will be. I am out of my troubles and am planning to come back to post a nice big post next week on Saturday. I am sorry that I haven't been present at all. But I will be back.

Catch you later!
Bye for now,

The Last Beautiful People And My First One :'(

It's so unfortunate that the first Beautiful People Post I am able to is also my last. *cue sobbing* I have watched bloggers do this before and now it's my turn. YAY. Anyway. To the...
Questions!Favourite genre to write in?
Hmm. Fantasy. I have dabbled in contemporary and mystery before, but fantasy by far remains my favourite because you can make up your own worlds or borrow real ones and mess them up. What book (a real actual published book!) do you think your character would benefit from reading?
Atlas (my main character) definitely needs to read Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse mainly to see why she was named after the Titan. And if you haven't read it, then go *shoos readers away* after this post of of course xD. Favourite piece of dialogue you’ve written?
I haven't written much dialogue that I'm extremely proud of so I can't answer this question. *sighs* What did your character want to be when they grew up, and what did they actually become?
*Spoiler a…



I'm Claire, and I have started this blog *waves*. So I just made this because I have been inspired by other blogs and now I wanted to make a blog that would just be my starting block for my author platform. That's write (yes, that was a terrible pun), I write books, and someday hope to be a famous author. So this will be super short, any longer and I'll look back on this post with even more cringe, but you know, you gotta start somewhere.

So what can you expect from this blog? Absolute randomness and at times stupidity. Don't go expecting wisdom please. I won't deliver. But I might post a little bit of my writing, some tips, some thoughts about God that I have as a Roman Catholic or maybe just somethings that happen in my life. Ooh! And some book reviews too.

Who AM I? Well, I'm Claire Jenn (it's a pen name by the way) and I am as of yet, not reachable by email. Don't ask why *shrugs*. It'll happen. I do have Pinterest though, and if you want to…